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2012 - 05 GB

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Finance (March 2012):
Please understand, that the full report incl. the financial situation is only available for owners. If you didn´t receive the full report by email, please get in touch with our administrator (GAE / Dominique) and update her with you email-address.

• The minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 25th February 2012 are expected shortly from GAE.
• Work to install lighting controlled by motion detectors in toilets has been completed.
• Chasing of Ayuntamiento for our third waste bin continues.
• Following agreement at the AGM, new postboxes have been ordered and will be installed shortly. Owners will be advised of the exact date of installation so that they can make arrangements for the old postboxes to be emptied beforehand. Two keys will be available for each of the new postboxes. Can you please make arrangements for these new keys to be collected on the day of installation or from the Administrator’s office subsequently? If you wish your tenant to collect one of the keys then your written authorisation will be required. Any questions, then please let us know.
• Following agreement at the AGM, quotes have been requested for the work needed to complete the back garden.
• A quote has been received for the repair of the swimming pools. This is being considered.
• A pressure meter has now been installed on the water feeds for the pool showers. This has enabled us to reduce the pressure and consequently remove the cause of the pipes splitting. The existing leak has now been fixed and new shower heads installed.
• Our day to day contact with our Administrators (GAE) is Dominique Whitby. Dominique can be contacted on 680435524 / 922738532 comunidades.sur10@gaetfe.com. Dominique is also available to be seen at La Finca every Wednesday from 14.30 to 15.45.
• The committee would like to remind all owners/tenants (particularly those who are new to La Finca) to abide by our Internal Rules and to familiarise themselves with the do´s and don´ts. A community of the size of ours can only run smoothly if all are aware of the rules and follow them. In case of doubt, please ask the Administrator. Please pay particular attention to the rules about changing the exterior of the units by installing items like clothes rails, sun-blinds, air conditioning systems, pergolas etc. If you rent out your unit please make sure that your tenant is aware of our rules.
• Don’t forget to let the Administrators have your email address if you wish to receive information such as this report, minutes of meetings or other important communication electronically. A letter was issued by GAE to all owner’s for whom we do not have an email address asking them to let GAE have an email address if they have one.
• The community has a presence on Facebook (CDAD PROP LA FINCA; a Group AND a Community), it’s own web site (www.LaFincaOnline.es) and it's own forum (http://lafinca.forumotion.com). These are used to provide the latest information regarding the community as well as providing additional means of letting us have your comments or advise us of any concerns.

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