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Finance (October 2012):
Please understand, that the full report incl. the financial situation is only available for owners. If you didn´t receive the full report by email, please get in touch with our administrator (GAE / Dominique) and update her with you email-address.

• Update on the 4 priorities agreed to at the AGM.
o New Postboxes. Completed. If you haven’t collected the keys to your new postbox these can be obtained from Dominique Whitby at GAE’s office in San Blas. Contact details below.
o Finish Back Garden. Completed.
o Repair Complex. Ongoing. Gomasper have advised that they are only liable for structural damage. Report on structural damage only and estimated cost of repair received 9th November. Report to be sent to Gomasper for comment. Discussed at EGM held 10th November.
o Repair Swimming Pool. Ongoing. Discussed at EGM held 10th November.
• Additional Waste Bin. 2 additional bins received 10th November. Action complete.
• Repair to Water Pumps. Generali (the community’s insurance company) have provided €1,865 towards the cost of fixing the problems with the pumps supplying water to the community (water system). All problems have been fixed apart from the cleaning of the community’s reserve water tank. This will be completed shortly. We now have in place a maintenance agreement to periodically check that the system is working correctly.
• EGM. Held on 10th November. Minutes to be issued shortly.
• Palm Trees. Arrangements are being made for the annual tidy up of the palm trees, the removal of dead branches and the spraying with insecticide.
• Painting. The re-painting of the existing white area beneath the rocks around the internal garden will commence during November, this will be done by Sebastian (garden/maintenance).
• Adherence to Internal Rules. A note has been delivered to every apartment and duplex reminding occupiers (owners or tenants) that we do have Internal Rules and that these should be adhered to. A copy of this note has also been emailed to every owner for whom we have an email address. Would owners who have tenants please remind their tenants to abide by the Internal Rules. If you do not have a copy of the Internal Rules then please contact the Administrator.
• Administrator Contact. Our day to day contact with our Administrators (GAE) is Dominique Whitby. Dominique can be contacted on 680435524 / 922738532 comunidades.sur10@gaetfe.com.
• Don’t forget to let the Administrators have your email address if you wish to receive information such as this report, minutes of meetings or other important communication electronically.
The committee has decided to discontinue the website (www.LaFincaOnline.es) as this was considered an unnecessary expense. The community still has a presence on Facebook (CDAD PROP LA FINCA; a Group AND a Community) and has its own forum (http://lafinca.forumotion.com). These are used to provide the latest information regarding the community as well as providing additional means of letting us have your comments or advise us of any concerns.

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