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Finance (January 2013):
Please understand, that the full report incl. the financial situation is only available for owners. If you didn´t receive the full report by email, please get in touch with our administrator (GAE / Dominique) and update her with you email-address.

• Update on the 4 priorities agreed to at the last AGM.
o New Postboxes. Completed. If you haven’t collected the keys to your new postbox these can be obtained from Dominique Whitby at GAE’s office in San Blas. Contact details below.
o Finish Back Garden. Completed.
o Repair & Painting of the Complex. Ongoing. See below for update.
o Repair Swimming Pool. Work commenced on the swimming pools on 8th Jan 2013 and is expected to take 4-6 weeks. Layout chairs have been provided around the garden adjacent to the children’s play area
• EGM. A copy of the minutes of the EGM held on 10th November were emailed on 23rd Jan 2013. The hard copy will be posted with the Agenda for the forthcoming AGM.
• New Showers. 3 new “push button” showers have been ordered to comply with current “Sanidad” regulations.
• Repair & Painting of the Complex.
o Claim against Gomasper. Following advice from Gomasper’s lawyer that they are only responsible now for structural damage, we have asked our own lawyer to submit a claim for the cost of repairing structural damage identified by an independent third party.
o Repair & Painting (Stage 1). Resurfacing the whole of the roof of C block which was in need of urgent repair. Quote of €10,510.61 received. This work has commenced and 50% of the cost has been paid..
o Repair & Painting (Stage 2). Resurfacing of part of the roof of B block which also needs repair but not as urgently as C block. This will commence after the roof of C block has been completed. Quote will be provided once roof of C block completed.
o Repair & Painting (Stage 3). Repair of those areas of the complex where damage is visible. Quote of €10,039.60 received.
• Non adherence to Internal Rules. The committee has started to contact owners who are not adhering to the currently agreed Internal Rules.
• Cats and Dogs. The Administration and committee continue to receive complaints about uncontrolled cats and dogs around the complex – dogs barking, Dogs not on lead, urination and defacation. If anybody has any suggestions how this can be dealt with then please advise a member of the committee or Administration. Unfortunately a few irresponsible pet owners are spoiling it for the majority of residents on the complex.
• AGM. The next AGM will be on Saturday 23rd of February 2013. First call 10.30 – second call 11.00. The Agenda will be sent out shortly. Owners are asked to attend, if at all possible. The 2012 Accounts are currently being checked by the committee.
• Internal Rules. The current Internal Rules were agreed in December 2004 and are now in need of review. A copy of the proposed new Internal Rules were issued by email on 16th Jan 2013 for review and comment ahead of the forthcoming AGM. A hard copy of the proposed new Internal Rules will be posted with the Agenda for the forthcoming AGM.
• Administrator Contact. Our normal day to day contact with our Administrators (GAE) is Dominique Whitby. Dominique can be contacted on 680435524 / 922738532 comunidades.sur10@gaetfe.com.
• Don’t forget to let the Administrators have your email address if you wish to receive information such as this report, minutes of meetings or other important communication electronically.
• The community has a presence on Facebook (CDAD PROP LA FINCA; a Group AND a Community) and has its own forum (http://lafinca.forumotion.com). These are used to provide the latest information regarding the community as well as providing additional means of letting us have your comments or advise us of any concerns.

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