Situation of debtors!

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Situation of debtors! Empty Situation of debtors!

Post  ForumAdmin on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:37 am

Today (07.01.2011) we had a „internal“ committee meeting of the new committee voted for at the EGM held on the 20th of December 2010. José presented the new debtors list. In total the community has 38.667,97 Euros outstanding fees.
Obviously we do find our old “friends” on that list with rising amounts. Some owners returned to bad habits after having good month in between. Very good that some names didn´t show up again, but sad that we do have some new candidates. Please keep in mind that soon there will be the AGM, the Annual General Meeting. Please be reminded that owners with outstanding fees are not allowed to candidate for the presidentship nor to vote! If you are not sure about your actual situation please send an email to us or the administrator via the contact form on the webpage.
The committee is very happy and glad to present you the new person in charge of the debtors:
Mr. David Bonham. We are 100% confident and sure that he will try to find for every single situation a solution. Please do not hesitate to contact him by using the contact form on the webpage to make an appointment with him to discuss your personal situation. Thank you!

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