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2011 - 03 GB

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Committee Report – March 2011Finance (February 2011)
 Our normal monthly income, if all was paid, would be €10,816.47 community fees and €450.00 water surcharge (total €11,266.47).
 During February 2011 the community received income of €9,901.65 (including extraordinary income of €158) and spent €8,686.27. This resulted in the balance of the community’s general account increasing by €1,215.38 from €5,221.08 to €6,436.46. This is in spite of paying the final payment of €1,500 to Eugene and transferring €500 to our new Reserve Fund.
 The balance of the community’s Reserve Fund stands at €500.
 The total amount owed by debtors increased by €1,569.60 (3.92%) this month (February 2011), increasing the total debt outstanding as at the end of February 2011 to €41,644.14.
 We are still being advised that Duplex 9 (Mr. Waugh) is still in the process of being sold and we hope to receive some funds from the sale to either clear or reduce his debt. Latest date is by the end of April 2011.
 The AGM was held on 25th February 2011 and the minutes will be available shortly.
 Notice of termination of contract has been given to Clamabe S.L. (the cleaning company) and Jonay (the maintenance man / gardener) as agreed at the AGM. A new cleaning company is to be employed (saving the community approx. €1,000 per month) and Eugene – the previous maintenance man – is to be re-employed.
 As requested at the AGM, an investigation has commenced into whether or not the community received all of the income it should have done for the new keys to the complex that were introduced at the end of 2009. So far, the committee has been unable to account for approx 100 keys which represents approx €1,500 of lost income. Investigation continues.
 As result of the AGM a letter has been prepared to be sent out to the owners, not having a water meter yet. It will be time given till end of April 2011 to install a water meter with Canaragua. If we not receive any documentation about that, we will install private water meters at their expenses.
 Thank you for paying attention and your cooperation regarding the rubbish bins. We are still one short and keep on calling Ayuntamiento to support us with a third one.
 Don’t forget to register at http://lafinca.forumotion.com to see the latest information regarding the community and to let us have any comments or advise us of any concerns.

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