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2011 - 01 GB

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Committee Report – January 2011
Finance (December 2010)
During the month the community received income of €10,182.51 but spent €13,122.66. This resulted in the balance of the community’s account reducing by €2,940.15 from €8,805.29 to €5,865.14. This income includes fees for the current month, fees outstanding from previous months and extraordinary income.
The normal monthly income, if all was paid, should be €10,816.47 community fees and €450.00 water surcharge (total €11,266.47).
The total amount owed by debtors increased by €1,315.01 this month (December 2010), increasing the total debt outstanding as at the end of December 2010 to €38,667.97. A list of the debtors will be given with the Agenda for the AGM which will be sent out shortly and further details will be given at the AGM itself.
Duplex 9 (Mr. Waugh) is in the process of being sold and we hope to receive some funds from the sale to either clear or reduce his debt.
A Reserve Fund account will be opened and, with effect from February, 5% of actual income received will be transferred into it. Once in the Reserve Fund no withdrawals will be made without the agreement of the owners.

1. New Committee
The new committee met for the first time on 23rd December 2010 and has met a number of times since. We are in the process of putting in place greater controls over the finances of the community.

2. Gardener
Agreement has been reached with Eugene – the previous gardener unjustly sacked on29th October by the previous President. Eugene has agreed to drop his Denuncia and the committee has agreed to pay Eugen what he was owed - namely €1,800 for the month of October, €210 for extra work undertaken before he was sacked which was invoiced but not paid and €900 IGIC for 2010 - as well as €1,800 and €90 IGIC compensation in lieu of one month’s notice that should have been given when his contract was terminated. Payment will be staggered over December 2010, January & February 2011.
As you know we have a new gardener – Jonay – and his contract with the community will be reviewed in February 2011. No action will be taken without consulting the owners.
The cost to the community of the unjust sacking of Eugen was €1,350 - being one month’s salary for Jonay for November.

3. Community Office
The lock has been changed and all new committee members now have keys. Ask any member of the committee if you wish to use the community library which is in the office. Anyway the library will be open at the same time when the committee meetings will be held (last Friday of each month, 17h00 – 18h00)

4. Lighting
The time at which the lights come on and switch off has been adjusted to save electricity. Also we are going to switch off more or less every second light to save electricity, off course making sure that there will be “enough” light left to walk safe at night.

5. Cleaners
The cleaning contract will be reviewed to see if there is any opportunity of saving cost. No action will be taken without consulting the owners.

6. AGM
The next AGM will be on Friday 25th February at 16.00 in La Finca. Formal advice will be sent out shortly.
If you would like to have specific minutes to discuss about at the AGM, please let us know a.s.a.p. by mail to the administrator (comunidades@brokersyanalistas.com, or use the contact form at our webpage www.LaFincaOnline.es, or discuss the minutes on our Forum (http://lafinca.forumotion.com/), or see the committee members at the monthly committee meeting.

7. La Finca Forum
Additional to the La Finca webpage (www.LaFincaOnline.es) we do have our own forum (http://lafinca.forumotion.com/) and this is the best way of keeping up to date with what is happening and for letting us have your comments. If you haven’t already done so, please register.

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