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2011 - 04 GB

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Committee Report – April 2011

Finance (March 2011)

• In February, we identified that 3 apartments in E block (E103, E112 and E211) did not have water meters but were not paying the €30 p.m. water surcharge. Further investigation found that payment of the €30 had stopped in Aug 2009 but we were unable to find the reason for this. The water surcharge was reinstated in March 2011 and so this has increased our total monthly water surcharge up from €450 (15 properties) to €540 (18 properties). Our normal monthly income, if all was paid, will now be €10,816.47 community fees and €540.00 water surcharge (total €11,356.47). The 3 apartments in E block were charged €540 each in respect of unpaid water surcharge from Aug 2009.

• During March 2011 we received community fee income of €9,787.74 and extraordinary income of €60.19 but spent €8,408.35. This resulted in the balance of the community’s general account increasing by €1,439.58 during the month from €6,436.46 to €7,876.04.

• The balance of the community’s Reserve Fund stands at €1,000.

• The total amount owed by debtors increased by €3,332.45 (8%) this month (March 2011), increasing the total debt outstanding as at the end of March 2011 to €44,976.59. €1,620 of this increase related to the unpaid water surcharge mentioned above. We have written to these 3 owners asking for their proposal for clearing the amount outstanding. Discounting the €1,620 mentioned above the total debt outstanding increased by 4%.

• On 31st March the agents acting in the sale of Duplex 9 (Mr. Waugh) confirmed that they are still hopeful of completion by the end of April 2011 - at which point we hope to have the debt on the property cleared. Any monies received will be paid into a new account – separate from the general account and Reserve Fund account – and will be used for special maintenance e.g. painting the complex.

• The minutes to the AGM which was held on 25th February 2011 were issued on 25th March 2011.

• Following the termination of their contracts, Clamabe S.L. (the cleaning company) and Jonay Delgado (the gardener/maintenance man) ceased working on 31st March.

• Eugene returned to La Finca on 1st April following the agreement at the AGM to reinstate him as our gardener/ maintenance man. Unfortunately Eugene was confronted by the previous President as soon as he arrived and she even called the Guardia Civil as she wanted to issue a “Denuncia” against Eugen. We do not know exactly what was said but, whatever it was, it was sufficient for Eugene to decide that he did not want to return to work at La Finca to run the risk of even more “Denuncias”. We therefore had to go elsewhere. Our new gardener is Nayden Nikiforov from Serpacom. The conditions to La Finca are the same as it would have been had Eugen returned.

• The new cleaning company was due to start on 1st April, but because of previously unknown legal formalities was unable to do so. These formalities are being progressed with a view to the cleaners starting as soon as possible. In the meantime please bear with us. The President and some of the committee and owners are undertaking some cleaning themselves – for this the President & committee are very appreciative.

• Brokers y Analistas were asked to provide further information regarding the keys to the complex – in particular how many were given to the previous President to manage. No response has been received in spite of chasing. The situation is still that the committee has been unable to account for approx 100 keys which represents approx €1,500 of lost income. No further investigation can be undertaken without response from Brokers y Analistas.

• The letter regarding the water meters was sent out on 22nd March to the owners (18) who do not have a water meter. They have been given until the end of April 2011 to contact Canaragua and have their water meter installed otherwise we shall have installed our own private water meters at the owner’s expense.

• We now have 4 rubbish bins in the Basura but instead of there being 3 for general waste and 1 for recyclable waste we have 4 general waste bins. The Ayuntamiento has been contacted to replace one of the general waste bins for a recyclable waste (yellow) bin.

• We would like to remind owners that renting of garages should only be to owners or tenants of La Finca. For security reasons we do not allow renting to outsiders.

• An Extraordinary General Meeting has been called for Friday Thursday 14th April at 16.00 to elect the Adminstrator/Secretary.

• Permission was sought and given by the President for Mr Waycott (D104) to paint the outside of the centre part of block D as this was badly needed. The President and the committee wish to express their thanks to Mr Waycott for volunteering to do this at no expense to the community.

• Don’t forget to let the Administrators have your email address if you wish to receive information such as this report electronically.

• Don’t forget to register at http://lafinca.forumotion.com to see the latest information regarding the community and to let us have any comments or advise us of any concerns.

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