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Minutes of General Ordinary Meeting of owners „Edificio LA FINCA de Urbanización Aguilas del Teide-Arona‟, held on February, the 25th. of 2.011, in the area next to the swimming pool toilets of this complex, at 16:00 hours in second call. According with the LPH law, debtors cannot vote.
Owners present:
- Sra. Isabel Dominguez Söllheim (Dúplex 1, garaje 110)-Coef: 1,10220.
- Sra. Maureen Ann Eaves (Dúplex 3, garaje 103)-Coef: 1,04990.
- Sr. David Ridley (Dúplex 8, garaje 81)-Coef: 1,04990.
- Sra. Eva Scott (Apto. A-111, garaje 142)-Coef: 0,51160.
- Sr. Gary Rosson (Apto. A-214, garaje 118)-Coef: 0,66380.
- Sra. Lourdes Torrecillas Rodríguez (Apto. B-102, garaje 112)-Coef: 0,47030.
- Sr. Anthony Robin Judd (Apto. B-113, garaje 95)-Coef: 0,71170.
- Sra. Aline Lasserre (Apto. B-201, garaje 111)-Coef: 0,47150.
- Sra. Alessia Degli Eredi (Apto. B-206, garaje 78)-Coef: 0,47060.
- Sr. Olwen Robinson (Apto. B-209, garaje 74)-Coef: 0,48460.
- Sr. David Bonham (Apto. B-211, Apto. C-211, apto. C-213, Garaje 49, Garaje 54,
Garaje 70) Coef: 1,63150.
- Sr. Javier Sarmiento González (Apto. B-214, garaje 77)-Coef: 0,66140.
- Sr. Howard Ball (Apto. B-215, garaje 102)-Coef: 0,66230.
- Sr. David Charles Eaves (Apto. C-101, garaje 40)-Coef: 0,70720.
- Sr. Ronald H. Walton (Apto. C-103, garaje 52)-Coef: 0,72570.
- Sr. José María Pazo Rodríguez (Apto. C-202, garaje 57)-Coef: 0,66230.
- Sr. Guido Braun (Apto. C-205, garaje 46)-Coef: 0,48460.
- Sra. Adriana Keresztesy (Apto. C-207, garaje 42)-Coef: 0,48460.
- Sra. Brigitte Jones (Apto. C-215, garaje 48)-Coef: 0,66230.
- Sr. Juan Lorenzo Suarez Moreno (Apto. C-216, garaje 29)-Coef: 0,66230.
- Sra. Esther Gella Grau (Apto. D-101, garaje 21)-Coef: 0,70690.
- Sra. Marion Waycott (Apto. D-104, garaje 17)-Coef: 0,64120.
- Sr. Allan Williams (Apto. D-113, garaje 10)-Coef: 0,72180.
- Sr. Miguel Angel Guardo Maso (Apto. D-202, garaje 19)-Coef: 0,63150.
- Sr. Rubén Gómez Peyro (Apto. D-210, garaje 26)-Coef: 0,47150.
- Sr. Giancarlo Brillante (Apto. E-106, E-107, garaje 73A)-Coef: 0,98330.
- Sr. Imeldo Rodríguez Carlos (Apto. E-202, garaje 148)-Coef: 0,69620.

Owners represented:
- Sr. Juan Lorenzo Suarez Moreno represented 3 owners: Sr. Isidro López Jiménez (Apto. Duplex 14, garaje 53)-Coef: 1,04990. Sr. Carlo R. Stocco (Apto. A-116, garaje 96) Coef: 0,47760. Sra. Ainhoa Abadía Pereda (Apto. C-214, garaje 36) Coef: 0,6610.

- Sr. David Bonham represented 2 owners: Sr. Peter Goude (Apto. C-107, garaje 62)-Coef: 0,51410. Sr. Derek Mooney (Apto. C-109, garaje 59)-Coef: 0,51410.

- Sra. Esther Gella represented 3 owners: Sr. Franklin Paz (Apto. D-105, garaje 22) Coef: 0,51410. Sr. Marcos Martínez López (Apto. D-112, garaje 33)-Coef: 0,66710. Sra. Monica Nuñez (Apto. D-203, garaje 32) Coef: 0,67540.

- Sr. Imeldo Rodríguez Carlos represented 1 owner: Apto. D-205, garaje 31-Coef: 0,48460.

- Sr. Neville Hartle represented 1 owner: Apto. B-111, garaje 92-Coef: 0,51410.

- Sra. Marion Waycott represented 1 owner: Apto. D-204,garaje 25-Coef: 0,61840.

- Sra. Eva Scott represented 1 owner: Apto. D-212, garaje 11-Coef: 0,61840.

27 owners present. Coef. Total: 19,1827%.
12 owners represented. Coef. Total: 7,3088%.

The President Mr. Guido Braun asked permission to audiotape the meeting to ensure that no information or request will get lost. All present owners agreed to the request. He continued with reading an introduction before the Agenda started. After the English version the Administrator translated the introduction into Spanish. Both versions are attachment to these minutes.

It was asked by the owner of B201, Lasserre, that for what reason we installed keys and safety locks, if anyone wants can enter easily by the fence that closes the building. As this was asked to get postponed to later to “other business” the couple left upset the meeting.

The President mentioned that, as a result of the last EGM, there has been a lawyer contacted to check the accounts and books. This lawyer should have been present today but, as he called that he is not able to show, up as his doughter is serious ill, that subject will be postponed.

The President then went on to discuss the main problem and solutions as already mentioned in his introduction: Saving money.

The committee proposes that we take out the plant “uña de gato” at the front garden at the parking area. First it is getting ugly by dying and secondly it takes a lot of water. To save cost the idea is to take out this plant and to lay some “picon”. If a company will do this job it would cost ca. 3.500,00€.
Connected to this subject, as a question of “value of money”, is, the idea to cancel the contract with the gardener Jonay and to rehire the former gardener Eugene, as he was proposed to come back and he agreed to the above mentioned job, during the working hours.

Adriana Kerestesy (C207) agreed to that points and stated that in her opinion the plant “uña de gato” is dying because of lately not being well maintained and in general the gardener is not doing his job properly.
It has been stated from a different person that the maintenance costs are very high, a couple of years ago we dismissed Hector for being expensive, and the quantities that are handled now are much higher, because of that is not understood the argument. Mr. Juan Lorenzo Suarez (C216) explained that Hector was more expensive than the services we have now.

The participants starts a discussion about the maintenance service, and in particular, opinions for, and against the return of Eugene. In favour: by saying that it was a good, correct and helpful worker, who was unfairly dismissed by the former President, he made works of repair with his own tools, kept the gardens clean and plants were well taken care of, service providers were pleased to work with him, etc. Against: it was said that as he sued the community it would be better not to readmit him. It was explained by Mr. Juan

Lorenzo Suarez (C216) that Eugene did NOT denounce the community but the former president Sandra Lopez and administrator Jose Antonio Gimenez because he had no choice as he was denounced first and unfairly dismissed and not paid his worked month, and as well for not being allowed to collect his tools left in the community as he used them for gardening, maintenances and tiles repair.

Mr. Imeldo Rodríguez (E202) said that for him it doesn´t matter who the gardener is, but to have the job well done. Mr. Ronald Walton (C103) said that the new one, Jonay, does not have his own tools as Eugene, and that it is working with the few community tools and the quality of work is very weak.

The president said the contract for both establish that the tools will be provided by the community, but Eugene provides his own masonry tools (as he already have it) and other necessary ones, which has a higher quality of service.

Is said by Mrs. Lourdes Torrecillas Rodríguez (B102) that is also the option of having this service through a self-employed or a company, to see the possibility of being able to employee someone directly contracted by the community, as there are many people looking for work and with the new aid that has brought the Government, it might be a good alternative to save money. Were answered that it is an option, but that we opted for companies for not generating antiquity on employees, and that in the case that a good service is not provided it will be easy to change.

To stop the debate the President asked for the vote from the following 3 options:
1- Accept the return of Eugene.
2- Keep Jonay.
3- To employee someone to do the maintenance directly from community.

Results on the votes:
- Votes for option 1: Accept the return of Eugene:
Dúplex 1, garaje 110-Coef: 1,10220. Dúplex 3, garaje 103-Coef: 1,04990. Dúplex 8, garaje 81-Coef: 1,04990. Apto. B-113, garaje 95-Coef: 0,71170. Apto. B-209, garaje 74-Coef: 0,48460. Apto. B-211, Apto. C-211, apto. C-213, Garaje 49, Garaje 54, Garaje 70-Coef: 1,63150. Apto. C-107, garaje 62-Coef: 0,51410. Apto. C-109, garaje 59-Coef: 0,51410. Apto. B-214, garaje 77-Coef: 0,66140. Apto. B-215, garaje 102-Coef: 0,66230. Apto. C-101, garaje 40-Coef: 0,70720. Apto. C-103, garaje 52-Coef: 0,72570. Apto. C-205, garaje 46-Coef: 0,48460. Apto. C-207, garaje 42-Coef: 0,48460. Apto. C-216, garaje 29-Coef: 0,66230. Apto. Duplex 14, garaje 53-Coef: 1,04990. Apto. A-116, garaje 96-Coef: 0,47760. Apto. C-214, garaje 36-Coef: 0,6610. Apto. D-101, garaje 21-Coef: 0,70690. Apto. D-105, garaje 22- Coef: 0,51410. Apto. D-112, garaje 33-Coef: 0,66710. Apto. D-203, garaje 32-Coef: 0,67540. Apto. D-104, garaje 17-Coef: 0,64120. Apto. D-113, garaje 10-Coef: 0,72180.
24 Prop. Coef. Total: 17,5611%.

- Votes for option 2: To keep Jonay:
Apto. E-202, garaje 148-Coef: 0,69620. Apto. D-205, garaje 31-Coef: 0,48460. Apto. A-111, garaje 142-Coef: 0,51160. Apto. D-212, garaje 11-Coef: 0,61840. Apto. A-214, garaje 118-Coef: 0,66380. Apto. E-106, E-107, garaje 73A-Coef: 0,98330. Apto. C-202, garaje 57-Coef: 0,66230.
7 Prop. Coef. Total: 4,6202%.

- Votes for option 3: To employee someone to do the maintenance directly from community:
Apto. B-111, garaje 92-Coef: 0,51410. Apto. C-215, garaje 48-Coef: 0,66230. Apto. B-102, garaje 112-Coef: 0,47030. Apto. B-206, garaje 78-Coef: 0,47060.
4 Prop. Coef. Total: 2,1173%.

The return of Eugene as a maintenance company is approved per majority.

1º- Review actions from last AGM and subsequent EGMs.
This point is given by treaty with the introduction and subsequent debate.

2º- Review accounts for 2.010.
The summary of the accounts of 2010 has been sent along with the agenda. As there still is no auditor's report, it has been proposed to postpone this point and cover it at a future EGM.
Mr. Sarmiento requests that when having the report, to take measures and responsibilities for which it may concern, the former President or the Administrator.
The budget for 2011 was discussed - the breakdown having been sent out along with the agenda – and answers provided to the questions raised.
Jointly vote the proposal to make the vote of the accounts of 2010 postponed until having the solicitor/auditor's report, and will be discussed at a forthcoming meeting, and also vote on the proposal of budget for 2011. Outcome of the vote:
- Votes against: Dúplex 1, garaje 110-Coef: 1,10220.
- Votes in favour: All the rest.

Was approved per majority leave postponed the vote of the accounts of 2010 until having the auditor's report, and will be discussed at a forthcoming meeting. And also was approved per majority agreement, the proposed budget for 2011 (keeping the fees).

3º- Budget 2.011.
Already was an agreement in the previous point.
- The President asked to vote on the proposal of the committee to install private water meters at the apartments who do not have direct contracts with Canaragua, charging them also the costs of installation of the meter and the exact amount which will be charged by the supplier. This is because the quantity used by that owner is not transparent and this also is a chance to save money. The idea is to have a deadline f.e. until end of March 2011 to do the contracts, if not, then, the meters will be installed and each month will be charged according to the readings of water meters. It was unanimously approved.

- The President asked to vote on the proposal of the committee to change the cleaning hours for the complex to save more money. The presented idea was to clean the complex Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during 4 hours and 2 hours on Saturday (or every 2nd Saturday 4 hrs), guaranteeing that each Block will be proper cleaned once a month. As the present cleaning company didn´t present a suitable offer it has been recommended to cancel their contract and to hire A&M Cleanig which will save up to 12.000,00€ a year. It was unanimously approved.
Several complaints have been made to the Town Hall asking for cleaning of the external area of parking at the rear of La Finca. It is proposed to be done among all other general clean-up in that area.

- Also to vote on the proposal for water saving: to remove the plants “uña de gato” and put picón (volcano stones), leaving the palm trees and large plants, empowering the Committee to find the best solution for the design and aesthetics of the garden. It was approved unanimously.

- For electricity savings will be disconnected some alternate lights, leaving enough lighting in corridors and areas of stairs, but eliminating the excess. It was approved unanimously.

- The President stated that there is a new water pool system on the market that does not use chemicals. The system would be installed free and just a maintenance-fee would be charged which cost less than the usual use of chemicals. It has been approved unanimously to ask for quotes and detailed information and to present that subject again on a new occasion to the owner.

- The Committee is now working very well, respecting the democratic system and the decisions are taken together, discussing all the issues to deal with. This form of operation should be added to the internal house rules of the building, will be presented as a point of the agenda at a next meeting. Also there has a wording to be found for the internal house rules regarding the previously taken decision about the time-table for kids play.

- Rubbish bins: will have seen that one container that has been removed by the Town Hall and is going to be replaced by them, but it is not known exactly when. We also asked the Town Hall to put recycling containers. We ask the neighbours to close properly their rubbish bags and leaving them into containers.

4º- Election of President, committee members and Administrator for 2.011.
Were unanimously agreed the re-election of the President, Vice-Prsident and Committee for 2011:
President: Mr. Guido Braun.
Vice-president: Mr. David Ridley.
Committee: Juan Lorenzo Suarez Moreno, Allan Williams, Victoriano García García, David Bonham, Adriana Keresztesy.
(Comment: By accident the Administrator/Secretary was not mentioned to be re-elected. For that reason that should be done on the next EGM.

5º- Any other business.
- Were asked to the committee to find out the issue of the keys of access to the complex, as there is a difference of money not entered by the extra keys sold to neighbours, knowing that it was bought (to check how many) KEYS with 10 Euros each and resold to the owners with 15 Euros each. No list of the records was found yet.
- It was asked about the repair of the pool, as it started to be damaged in spring 2010 and we have no reply yet from the company who did the job as it should be in guarantee.
No having more issues to deal with, the meeting was adjourned at 19:20 hours.

Signed: Mr. José Antonio Giménez Navarro. Signed: Mr. Guido Braun.
(Secretary). (President).

Fdo: D. José Antonio Giménez Navarro. Fdo: D. Guido Braun.
(Secretary). (President).

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