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2011 - 06 GB

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Committee Report – June 2011

Finance (May 2011)
• Our normal monthly income, if all was paid, should be €10,816.47 community fees and €540.00 water surcharge (total €11,356.47).
• During May 2011 we received community fee income of €11,262.61 but only spent €4,173.92. This resulted in the balance of the community’s general account increasing by €7,088.69 during the month from €10,115.35 to €17,204.04. Whilst the state of the community’s finances have improved considerably, owners should be aware that we have not yet concluded discussions with Jonay (previous gardener) whose final monthly invoice is still outstanding.
• Part of the expenditure in May was a transfer of €500.00 to the community’s Reserve Fund which now stands at €2,000.
• The total amount owed by debtors increased by only €107.02 (0.23%) this month (May 2011). This is due to a number of debtors either repaying their debt or partially reducing it. The total debt outstanding as at the end of May 2011 was €46,638.39.
• The agents acting in the sale of Duplex 9 (Mr. Waugh) advise that the sale is still going through but due to issues that still remain there is currently no completion date.
• We understand that interest has been shown in purchasing Duplex 15 and if this proceeds then we can look forward to clearance of the outstanding debt.

• The minutes to the EGM held on 14th April were issued on 31st May.
• Handover of the community affairs from Brokers y Analistas to GAE occurred on 29th April. Linda – our day to day contact with GAE – is available to be seen at La Finca every Wednesday from 14.30 to 15.45.
• A solicitor from within GAE has been appointed to take over, from our existing solicitors, the files relating to debtors where legal proceedings have already been commenced. It is hoped that this will provide much needed impetus in taking things forward.
• Cleaning of the complex is carried out on Mon 08.00 – 14.00, Tues 07.00 – 10.00, Weds 08.00 – 14.00, Thurs 07.00 – 10.00, Fri 08.00 – 14.00 and Sat 08.00 – 12.00. Anna – our normal cleaner – is on holiday from 20th June until 4th July. Carolina will be undertaking the cleaning in Anna’s absence.
• We have asked the GAE to investigate the fitting of our own private water meters for the owners who do not yet have a Canaragua meter.
• Owners should not lock dogs in their garages.
• Owners should not undertake adult activities in their garages.
• Owners and tenants are reminded to be mindful of other owners/tenants when making undue noise. The committee has received a few complaints about noisy parties being held. If anybody is bothered by noise then, in the first place, the issue should be taken up with the people causing the noise.
• Please be aware that there have been a few break-ins recently. Owners are asked to make sure that doors and windows are locked when apartments are unoccupied and are advised to fit additional locking mechanisms for added security. If you want to arrange this then Achim on 627 511 606 is somebody who could be contacted. Owners are also asked not to let strangers through the gates to the complex without sufficient reason.
• The committee apologises for any inconvenience caused by the failure of the intercom system. The cause has not been found but the problem has been rectified.
• We have a new gardener (Sebastian) as Nayden has taken up employment in Madrid for the summer. It is an option that Nayden comes back to La Finca, but no obligation. The committee will decide after comparing the quality of their work.
• We continue to chase the Ayuntamiento to replace one of the general waste bins for a recyclable waste (yellow) bin.
• The committee would like to remind all owners/tenants (particularly those who are new to La Finca) to abide by our Internal Rules and to familiarise themselves with the do´s and don´ts. A community of the size of ours can only run smoothly if all are aware of the rules and follow them. In case of doubt, please ask the Administrator. Please pay particular attention to the rules about changing the exterior of the units by installing items like clothes rails, sun-blinds, air conditioning systems, pergolas etc. If you rent out your unit please make sure that your tenant is aware of our rules.
• Don’t forget to let the Administrators have your email address if you wish to receive information such as this report, minutes of meetings or other important communication electronically.
• The community has both a presence on Facebook (CDAD PROP LA FINCA) and it’s own web site (http://lafinca.forumotion.com). These are used to provide the latest information regarding the community as well as providing additional means of letting us have your comments or advise us of any concerns.

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