Open Letter Regarding AGM 2012 (GB)

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Open Letter Regarding AGM 2012 (GB) Empty Open Letter Regarding AGM 2012 (GB)

Post  ForumAdmin on Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:09 am

Dear Owners,

As advised in the Committee report of December, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 02/25/2012. 1st call at 12:30h and 2nd call at 13:00h. We have chosen this date and time so that it is more convenient for you to attend.

It is extremely important that as many owners as possible come along so that the majority of the community is represented. To be able to vote your fees have to be paid up to date. This includes any water surcharge that you are paying. If you are unable to attend the AGM, then please make sure that you give your proxy vote to somebody who you trust to vote on your behalf.

We i.e., the committee, the secretary, the Administration, the Vice-President and I as President (hereinafter "we" or "us") have tried to put the resolutions of the meetings to last. This course will be reported in detail during the meeting.

For this year's AGM, there will be many important issues. Prior to sending out the Agenda, I would like to briefly outline the main issues to you, to give you the opportunity to consider your response ahead of the AGM to hopefully reduce the time that it takes to discuss each item:

1. Presidency:
I stand for re-election.

2. Vice-President:
As David Ridley has sold his unit, he stands no longer available as a candidate.
David Bonham – an existing committee member – offers himself as vice-president.

3. Committee:
Not all members of the existing committee will stand for re-election. We therefore ask you to consider in advance whether or not you might want to participate in the committee, or who you would like to see there. It is important to have a representative cross section of the blocks, but also the nationalities on the Committee in order to ensure a constructive work. It is up to you!

4. Debtors:
Right at the beginning of the meeting Carlos, the lawyer of GAE, will take us through the process for taking debtors through the court process and update us with were we are with the main debtors.

5. Audit of 2009 and 2010 Accounts:
We shall report on the results on the independent audit that was conducted and the next step.

6. Finance:
The community’s financial position has improved considerably during the year. We shall report on what has been achieved.

7. Plans for 2012:
We need to agree what we should do with the funds that we now have available. One option is to do nothing and give the funds back to the owners in some way but this doesn’t seem to make sense as there are many things that need to be done, for example:

- Renewal of the mailboxes. Any owner is free to obtain quotes for this work and to present at the meeting. The majority will decide whether, and if so which version receives the award.

- Renovation of the complex / façade
We shall report what we have established so far, to what extent we have a realistic chance of getting Gomasper to cover some of the work under warranty.
Decide where we should begin to renovate the facade / repainting. Owners are invited to provide quotes or make proposals. Since undertaking all of the work at once is not financially viable, we are investigating an option of having 2 qualified professionals as "Autonomo" under contract to do the work piecemeal. The work would be prioritized according to the age of the bloque and the nature of the work to be undertake for example if one particular block has lot of plaster falling off then it would make sense to concentrate on this block rather than a block that is in a better state. If all blocks are pretty much in the same state, then the work will be tackled in order of age of the blocks B, C, D and the Duplexes were completed in 2004 and blocks A and E 2007.

- Renovation of the pool:
We shall submit a report of an expert as to the state of the pool, whether we have recourse to the person who undertook the repair of the pool in 2010 and what now can be done to rectify the problem.

- Landscaping of the back gardens:
As agreed at the last AGM, the removal of the plant "una de gato" has already been carried out successfully and part of the back garden landscaped. We need to agree if we extend the same landscaping to the remainder of the garden or do something different and discuss what else we could do – for example purchase a few more plants or trees.

- Cleaning of the complex:
At the last AGM we agreed to save money by reducing the number of cleaning hours. This is why we cancelled the contract with the old cleaning company and started working with Anna as autonomo. For legal reasons we were unable to hire more than 1 cleaner for the first 6 months. Unfortunately this meant that our community was not being cleaned properly. We did arrange a big-cleaning-day” and this was a great success. Since October we have had more cleaners and we have increased the number of cleaning hours. We shall continue to monitor the situation and increase the hours further if necessary. Cleaning will be one of the agenda items for our forthcoming AGM at which we need to decide whether cleaning is satisfactory or we need to take further action e.g. increase cleaning hours further or change cleaners. Any suggestions are welcome.

8. Internal Rules:
Unfortunately it has become some kind of a tradition that many owners or tenants of La Finca are breaking the internal rules in some shape or form. This could be something major like erecting a pergola in the back yard or an extension or something minor like erecting clothes lines that are visible. The following are clearly visable:
- Sunblinds (toldos) – not in accordance with agreed design
- Furniture / BBQ on the terrace / balcony
- Covers for the fencing grills at Terraces or balcon / Extesions
- Attachments to walls
- Air Conditioner / satellite dishes
This issue needs to be discussed again and amendments to considered. At the same time we have to be sensitive to the views of the majority. Also we have to consider whether we implement the penalty for not obeying the rules. We know that there will always be “grey areas”, but we cannot continue having the rules being ignored as this will eventually adversely affect our community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information carefully. We look forward to the AGM as this is the chance to receive your feedback as not many of you attend our monthly open committee meetings. We count on you for valuable input and constructive comments. Please help us by making your views known.

If any of you have other items that you wish to add to the Agenda then please let me or the Administrator know.

Best Regards

Guido Braun
(President of La Finca)

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